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Reflective Report

This is my final reflective report on my major graphic design project for 2016, under the ‘read more’ divider.

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Major Project Drafting #17

I made a simple little informational plaque to describe the typeface, which I may display in the final presentation to give some context to the viewer. I didn’t want to make it too complicated, but I may incorporate it more ornately into my final presentation – I am undecided.


Now my final element of this project, the poster showing the font in usage, has not been coming together as I want it to. I really think this has ultimately been due to poor time management on my part, if I had have settled on my idea sooner I could have had more time to consult and perfect the design and perhaps made more variations. I feel that typography is one of my weak points, and I could not find a typeface that I felt worked with the text. I ended up settling on ‘Source Sans Pro’, but I feel there has to have been a better choice.

I wanted to emphasise the use of other letter forms from the type to add to ornamentation, so I cut out leaves from various letters and used the ‘I’ and ‘Y’ in the design. I added in the logos for Bell Shakespeare and Wollongong council but it just seems to unpolished to me. I just don’t know how to fix it, I’ve hit a wall on this part of the project and I’ve run out of time to get around it. I’m quite mad at myself on this point for not being more organised, I know it is not of an acceptable standard. This was the result, but I don’t believe I will end up displaying it in the final presentation.


This morning is my submission, so to conclude this progress journal and I have presented:

  • 3x alphabets (photographic, colour vector, outline)
  • 1x example of each alphabet on the word ‘Puck’
  • Close-ups of each letter in relation to the photographic version
  • The poster example of its usage
  • The plaque description

For my final display, I would like to show the three versions of the typeface in A2, the example of what the typefaces look like on the word ‘Puck’, and potentially the little description I wrote.

The final stage of this project will be my reflection on this whole process, which will be featured in the next post.

Major Project Drafting #16

I have completed my coloured vectors as shown below. I reformatted them to fit the 4 across format of my former poster:


From this, I made an outline version:


So now I can put all of my three versions side-by-side on the word ‘Puck’:


I am working on my posters, but I’m still not sure of any of my designs that I’ve done. Composition-wise, I’m still leaning towards the set-up of my original draft – but it still doesn’t look as polished to me as it should be. I think the word looks better on an angle than straight.  I’ve tried adding coloured backgrounds into it but ultimately I think white looks best, and I’m still undecided on font. These are some small examples:


Major Project Drafting #15

I finished the final letters, U-Z:


I changed the U, X, and Y; altered the W, and left the V and Z as they were.

This makes the complete alphabet as shown below, I finally decided on 4 across with the two left overs (Y and Z) centred at the bottom for composition. I decided not to add any text to it and just present the letters as it looked too cluttered, and got rid of the glyphs (mostly due to time constraints):


For my folio, I will display this along with close-ups with only 4 letters on them, as shown below. I was going to type the letter next to it, but I think it looked unnecessary.


Now that all the letters are completed, I am able to write the name of the typeface which is ‘Puck’ after tutor suggestion. I did like the idea of naming it after the type of flower that was used in the play, but all its names are very long (Love-In-Idleness, Viola Tricolor, Johnny-Jump-Up, Heartsease). The other character I considered was Oberon, but I didn’t like the repetition of letters and it still feels a bit too long. ‘Puck’ fits nicely.

To me it looks almost like graffiti but with plants:


From this I hope to make a page which will briefly introduce the font’s concept and inspiration, then state its uses with an example of it featuring in a poster in a similar way to how “A Designer’s Guide to WebType” does it. I will then add the Midsummer Night’s Dream poster, which I hope to be a major feature of the project.

As for my vectors, this is where my progress is at currently:


Major Project Drafting #14

This is a progress shot on making some of my vectors:


Basically I’m making the vector outlines on top of the scans, then removing the scan and filling in the shapes with eye dropped colour, then neatening the edges and adding little details to finish. I am working on simplifying the colours and details upon suggestion (critical incident), and intend to make a black and white outline version using what I have for the final submission.

These are what I hope to be the final scans I need to finish all my letters:


And from this I have completed the letters K-T, shown below:


I replaced the K, P, and S; brightened the O, and altered the R to remove the bark and replace it with more of the same spikey plant.

Major Project Drafting #13

I’ve done some more scans, but this time they aren’t exclusively letter forms and feature interesting parts of plants that I can alter my existing letters with. I had to tape some of them down on the scanner to make some of the shapes. These are shown below:



From these, I’ve finished the letters A – J in my alphabet:


I replaced the ‘B’ entirely, added more red leaves to the E, removed the blade of grass from the ‘F’ in favour of a twig off the same tree as the rest of the letter, and replaced the leaf and grass of the ‘H’ with a parts of a thick plant and made the flower go all the way down the left side of the letter as opposed to only being at the top.

I am still working on the vectors, from which I will make outline versions of the alphabet. I am also drafting a poster, and the current experiment of this is below:


I am not happy with my ‘R’ yet so that is currently omitted, and I will be changing the typeface (it is currently Verdana, I couldn’t find one I liked but I decided I really needed to start looking at composition so used this as a placeholder font). I am thinking that I will use elements of the other letters to fill in the background and give the work more movement, like Frost Collective has done in their campaign. It still needs a lot of refinement, but this is the current gist of the idea.

Major Project Research #12

I was shown a campaign by Frost Collective for Sydney’s sustainability program which is all about food wastage, “A new campaign for Green Villages”. The illustrative type for these posters was created with food scraps to reflect the theme as shown below:



This campaign is a good source of inspiration in terms of composition and letter form for my project, and I will keep it in mind when making my drafts (critical incident). I am still finalising the letters of my design, paying particular attention to those letters which were quite thin. I have also been working on a vector version of the letters which still needs refining.

Major Project Feedback #4

  • Make type posters showcasing what the font can do (be on photographs, drawings, just numbers, etc. – critical incident)
  • Make glyphs (numbers, punctuation, etc.)
  • It’s a title font
  • Name it something to do with Midsummer Night’s Dream? (e.g. Puck)
  • Book – “A Designer’s Guide to WebType: Your Connection to the Best Fonts Online”, by Kathleen Ziegler and Nick Greco.

Major Project Drafting #12

This is my completed alphabet after cutting out all the letters:


There are some letters I’m not entirely happy with after doing a test print and making words from it.

B – Too thin

E – Grass isn’t lined up properly

G – Leaf stems aren’t connected

H -I don’t like the use of the brown leaf, especially next to the G which uses the same kind of thing

K – Not sure I like the thick leaf

O – Too pale when printed, needs enhancement

P – Don’t like the shape

R – Elements aren’t connected

S – Too thin

X – Looks fine zoomed out, but there were a lot of shadows I was unable to eliminate when cutting it out without getting rid of elements. May need to redo.

Y – Too thin

I am beginning to make adjustments on these issues and seeing what letters need to be remade entirely (probably B, H, K, P, S, X, Y).

I have also put the design into the words “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. I feel like it’s very busy and there are a lot of letter repeats, so I may need to make more variations of letters for the cover but only use the best ones on the type specimen poster.


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