I made a simple little informational plaque to describe the typeface, which I may display in the final presentation to give some context to the viewer. I didn’t want to make it too complicated, but I may incorporate it more ornately into my final presentation – I am undecided.


Now my final element of this project, the poster showing the font in usage, has not been coming together as I want it to. I really think this has ultimately been due to poor time management on my part, if I had have settled on my idea sooner I could have had more time to consult and perfect the design and perhaps made more variations. I feel that typography is one of my weak points, and I could not find a typeface that I felt worked with the text. I ended up settling on ‘Source Sans Pro’, but I feel there has to have been a better choice.

I wanted to emphasise the use of other letter forms from the type to add to ornamentation, so I cut out leaves from various letters and used the ‘I’ and ‘Y’ in the design. I added in the logos for Bell Shakespeare and Wollongong council but it just seems to unpolished to me. I just don’t know how to fix it, I’ve hit a wall on this part of the project and I’ve run out of time to get around it. I’m quite mad at myself on this point for not being more organised, I know it is not of an acceptable standard. This was the result, but I don’t believe I will end up displaying it in the final presentation.


This morning is my submission, so to conclude this progress journal and I have presented:

  • 3x alphabets (photographic, colour vector, outline)
  • 1x example of each alphabet on the word ‘Puck’
  • Close-ups of each letter in relation to the photographic version
  • The poster example of its usage
  • The plaque description

For my final display, I would like to show the three versions of the typeface in A2, the example of what the typefaces look like on the word ‘Puck’, and potentially the little description I wrote.

The final stage of this project will be my reflection on this whole process, which will be featured in the next post.