I finished the final letters, U-Z:


I changed the U, X, and Y; altered the W, and left the V and Z as they were.

This makes the complete alphabet as shown below, I finally decided on 4 across with the two left overs (Y and Z) centred at the bottom for composition. I decided not to add any text to it and just present the letters as it looked too cluttered, and got rid of the glyphs (mostly due to time constraints):


For my folio, I will display this along with close-ups with only 4 letters on them, as shown below. I was going to type the letter next to it, but I think it looked unnecessary.


Now that all the letters are completed, I am able to write the name of the typeface which is ‘Puck’ after tutor suggestion. I did like the idea of naming it after the type of flower that was used in the play, but all its names are very long (Love-In-Idleness, Viola Tricolor, Johnny-Jump-Up, Heartsease). The other character I considered was Oberon, but I didn’t like the repetition of letters and it still feels a bit too long. ‘Puck’ fits nicely.

To me it looks almost like graffiti but with plants:


From this I hope to make a page which will briefly introduce the font’s concept and inspiration, then state its uses with an example of it featuring in a poster in a similar way to how “A Designer’s Guide to WebType” does it. I will then add the Midsummer Night’s Dream poster, which I hope to be a major feature of the project.

As for my vectors, this is where my progress is at currently: