I’ve done some more scans, but this time they aren’t exclusively letter forms and feature interesting parts of plants that I can alter my existing letters with. I had to tape some of them down on the scanner to make some of the shapes. These are shown below:



From these, I’ve finished the letters A – J in my alphabet:


I replaced the ‘B’ entirely, added more red leaves to the E, removed the blade of grass from the ‘F’ in favour of a twig off the same tree as the rest of the letter, and replaced the leaf and grass of the ‘H’ with a parts of a thick plant and made the flower go all the way down the left side of the letter as opposed to only being at the top.

I am still working on the vectors, from which I will make outline versions of the alphabet. I am also drafting a poster, and the current experiment of this is below:


I am not happy with my ‘R’ yet so that is currently omitted, and I will be changing the typeface (it is currently Verdana, I couldn’t find one I liked but I decided I really needed to start looking at composition so used this as a placeholder font). I am thinking that I will use elements of the other letters to fill in the background and give the work more movement, like Frost Collective has done in their campaign. It still needs a lot of refinement, but this is the current gist of the idea.