This is my completed alphabet after cutting out all the letters:


There are some letters I’m not entirely happy with after doing a test print and making words from it.

B – Too thin

E – Grass isn’t lined up properly

G – Leaf stems aren’t connected

H -I don’t like the use of the brown leaf, especially next to the G which uses the same kind of thing

K – Not sure I like the thick leaf

O – Too pale when printed, needs enhancement

P – Don’t like the shape

R – Elements aren’t connected

S – Too thin

X – Looks fine zoomed out, but there were a lot of shadows I was unable to eliminate when cutting it out without getting rid of elements. May need to redo.

Y – Too thin

I am beginning to make adjustments on these issues and seeing what letters need to be remade entirely (probably B, H, K, P, S, X, Y).

I have also put the design into the words “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. I feel like it’s very busy and there are a lot of letter repeats, so I may need to make more variations of letters for the cover but only use the best ones on the type specimen poster.