I made some more letters and punctuation (I’m not sure how much punctuation I should make but so far I have a full stop, apostrophe, and hyphen) to form my alphabet. I’ve also gotten rid of duplicate letters from my first two scans. The results of the new scans are below:




The ‘O’ was quite difficult to figure out what to do with, but I ended up settling on a rounded flower. It doesn’t look too much like an ‘O’ on its own, but in conjunction with other letters it was readable (tested on my family members). Because it will be displayed with other letters at all times, I’m happy to leave it like that for now unless I find too many people are struggling to read it.

In terms of research this week I found a a book cover made from backyard plants which I really like and is relevant to what I intend to do with these letters:


Source: Tigerette 2016, Out Backward Novel, Image, Pinterest, accessed 9/10/2016, https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/aa/88/f6/aa88f6d434e1dfde1ef9d6eefe463fa3.jpg