I made another set of letters in the scanner (-, A, U, ‘, E, R):


Cutting the letters out has been quite a bit more time-consuming than I thought it would be, each letter takes around 2 hours to complete (more for the more complex shapes and paler colours, as Photoshop does not do a good job of picking up the outlines on these so I have to create these myself). I’m still working on cutting out the first scan, I’d like to use the shadows but I don’t like the way the shadows turned out so I think it’s best to cut them out completely.

I’ve had some more thoughts about the format, and I’ve decided that I’m going to go back to book covers instead of theatre posters. In consultation with theatre students, they said that they’d expect photos from the rehearsals as the poster image; and while Bell Shakespeare does use typographic posters, they don’t tend to focus on the environment of the play so this typography wouldn’t make as much sense as it would for a book cover. There is also a lot more background and theory on book cover design than there is on theatre poster design, and the connection between books and the handmade is stronger (critical incident).

In terms of collateral I thought I could potentially make a poster, bookmarks, a mock-up of the book, or even brand a publisher for it – but I have very little time to do all of this. I could use a pre-existing publisher, but I can’t find one that makes books about Shakespeare in a modern Australian context so I think I’d really have to make a new fictional one for this idea to conceptually make sense.