I decided to start making the title of the play. The reason I didn’t go with a quote this time is because I’m wondering if I should go back to book covers, and this would work for that (critical incident). The length of “Midsummer” is going to be a little tricky to deal with but I could always break the word up into “mid” and “summer”.

Taking plants from my garden at home, I formed a few letters on a white background:

photo1359I’m thinking I will make multiple variations of different letters, then mix and match them when I assemble the words together to make the nicest-looking composition.

In order to get a high quality image, I put these onto an A3 scanning bed and made a couple of scans. Some letters were backwards but I can flip those digitally, and some letters broke up a little in the scanner (N and M) but again those can be fixed later. I made two scans because some letters didn’t work properly in the first scan (A and N in particular).


As shown, some shadows do occur when scanning but these will be Photoshopped out to create a clean white background.

I will make more letters, then experiment with what they look like illustrated or vector form – but personally I like the idea of keeping them realistic.