I compiled a list of the basic and potential elements of a Bell Shakespeare Poster, which I need to be mindful of:


A lot of the time, most of the text is at the bottom of the poster.

I started doing some sketching for the possum idea I was experimenting with in my last drafting  post. I was thinking of the possum representing a spectator looking down on the events unfolding within the play, much like the audience:



I then started moving in a bit of a surrealist direction as I noticed a lot of Australian design plays with surrealism. This lead me to come across the artist Ellen Jewett, who does amazing surrealist animal sculptures like the ones below:


So I did some surrealist type sketches fusing the possum with plants:



I think this may be getting too far away from the play’s concept so I’m going to move away from it, but it was a fun tangent. I’ll be looking more at developing the leafy typography this week.