Before I go into my drafting, I’d like to make a note of Alphabet Design Studio Bell Shakespeare Posters – these posters were created for Bell Shakespeare by Alphabet Design Studio over a ten year partnership. There are some very interesting concepts on this page – a lot of it is photographic but there are some illustrative series of posters.

Now this week I had a little look at creating words from natural objects. I took things from my courtyard at home to make a couple of words, ‘What fools’, as part of Puck’s quote “Lord, what fools these mortals be!” (I’ve been considering at making a quote instead of the title of the play). This draft used grass (both fresh and dried), weeds, leaves, and stones. Ultimately I’d like to include a nicer variety of plant life but I think due to the fact that the materials are impermanent I should pick the plant pieces I’m going to use when I’m ready to photograph – but I’d like to keep making little drafts to see what works best for different letters.


A major concern is legibility, and I found I had to do a mix of capital and lower case letters to increase the legibility of certain letters. The arrow-like plant at the top isn’t really anything, I just really liked the leaf and wanted to take a note of it; I couldn’t make it legible within either of these words.

I also did a little bit of sketching. The Former was a little plan of what I could do with the text, and the latter was considering the use of Australian flora and fauna in my illustrative design.



I found another description of common Australian design themes from the Australian Government website. This often includes Australian animals, landscapes, and materials which are used in simple and elegant design solutions. I’d like to investigate this further in my designs (critical incident).