I got some more feedback today to further shape the direction I will be going in (critical incident). This was:

  • Suggested collateral: tickets, event programs, website banners, print ads, and posters.
  • How will the different styles maintain coherency? Is there something (like an object) that could feature in all of them?
  • Typography version: I could make it out of found objects (Australian nature) and photograph it. Could potentially incorporate patterning (like what I researched with Marian Bantjes before).
  • Imagery: Needs to reflect an Australian design style. Some examples of Australian designers are as follows:

Douglas Annand: Well-known for his covers for ‘Home’ magazine. Uses different styles such as pen and watercolour, found objects, collages, and photography.



Reg Mombassa: Colourful, surreal artworks which often incorporate Australian imagery.



Ken Done: An Australian painter who again does very colourful works. The surrealism comes from the style of the paintings more than the content itself.



Sydney Noland: Most well-known for his Ned Kelly series of paintings, he often paints dry landscapes and uses earthy colours. His commercial design is very different from his painting style.



Michael Fitzjames: does mostly black and white images, which is what I’m more comfortable with, in a cut-out vector style.



Quentin Blake: An illustrator who makes very sketchy cartoon images. Some are in colour and some are in grey scale depending on the content and context.



Common themes here are bright colours and often unrealistic imagery, which I believe will work very well with ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ due to the unrealistic nature of the plot.