I’ve compiled some illustrations of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ to try and get some inspiration for illustrating this play (hopefully in a way that’s not too overdone).

Sara White: Image focusing on the character ‘Puck’ based off Greek pottery art due to the play’s original setting in Athens. I wonder if I could identify an Australian design style that I could use to do something like this.


Deviantart user dav051 2RT: Made for a local theatre’s production, the aim was to give it a darker feel than most of the colourful forest imagery that normally accompanies the play.


Adam Hayes: simple vector illustration for the Globe Theatre, London.


Subplot Studio: Typical night-time illustration.


Royal Shakespeare Company: A promotion for a performance done in the 1970’s, uses an art style popular at the time and doesn’t use the imagery of a donkey.


Elizabeth Burgess: This is not an illustration, but it doesn’t use the donkey imagery and only uses two flowers as opposed to a whole forest.