• Look into book “Dirty Design Era – Return to Handmade” and “Fingerprint”
  • Don’t write like a conversation
  • Put examples of my own illustration to help frame my context
  • Issue: Hand drawn design. Context: Hand drawn is a form of story telling
  • Could look at a single book and translate it into different visual styles, e.g. Ink, paper cut, graphite, etc.
  • Think of a book which can best provide inspiration
  • Who is the cover for? Age/Country/etc. What’s the most challenging?
  • Respond to title and story line
  • Look at type as image
  • Symbolic/Typographic/Combination styles
  • High level of professionalism in finish
  • Michael Fitzjames and Quentin Blake – Black and white or colour illustration


All of this feedback serves as a critical incident moving forward, as I will need to really narrow down what my target audience is.