“Aesthetics of Digital vs. Handmade Design” (by Jason Bateman): An interesting project where an dissertation about the advantages and disadvantages of handmade design in a digital world was turned into a handmade book.

“Handmade Design in the Digital Age” (by Cloe Chadwick): Another dissertation on digital vs. handmade design made into a book. This whole project is readable on this site.

“Graphic Design vs. Illustration” (by Adrian Shaugnessy): An article on “Design Observer” discussing why illustration is less common in modern graphic design. The theory presented is that design often serves corporate and commercial entities, and illustration is too emotional and individual for this purpose. Corporate design prefers an anonymous design style and a designer’s individuality showing in a design is typically discouraged.

“The Rule and the Imprint” (by Claude Marzotto): A paper on experimental graphic design workshops held in Milan in 2008 and 2009 combining craft with graphic design. The students were asked to be experimental with materials and focus less on the outcome. The use of computers in design has been seen as replacing traditional techniques as well as providing an interesting means for new hybrid digital and handmade works.

There were no real critical incidents this week as it was mostly research-based and establishing that I want to go in a handmade direction.