My name is Cat, and I study graphic design and international communication. My interests include sketching, art, travel, ancient history, and video games. I can use Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop but I much prefer drawing and doing things by hand than working on a computer. That being said, I’ve been trying to combine digital and hand-drawn recently by practicing with adding colour to my sketches with a Wacom tablet. I’ve done work experience in a graphic design and marketing department for a week, and completed a year-long TAFE course on graphic design alongside studying visual arts as an elective all throughout high school.

Notes from tutor consultation:

Issue: I wish to celebrate the handmade in a digital-focused world

Why: Making things by hand is a strength of mine, I want to challenge why people accept a purely digital design environment. Looking at the return of the handmade, and the idea of crafting for longevity. Making/crafting/testing/exploring/experimenting.

Project Form: Unknown at this stage.

Background Info: Documentaries “Why Man Creates” and “Made by Hand: Celebrating the Return of Artisanal Design”. Research discourse about the handmade. Does design become craft-based if made by hand? What constitutes good design, does it need to be digital? Is there an audience for artisan design? Frankie Magazine case study. Handmade typography – tactile typography.