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The Internet of Things‘ refers to the connection of everyday objects, such as a car or even a chair, to the internet. These objects often will have the capacity to record data or broadcast information, leading to security and privacy concerns among others. Further implications for this could potentially be that a user will not be able to know if they’re communicating online with another user or, for example, someone’s bedside lamp – a very unusual situation indeed!

I decided to look at an example from the ‘Internet of Things’ which concerned me from the start when I very first heard about it, called ‘Google Glass‘ – and I think this technology in particular highlights some of the problems with an ‘Internet of Things’. These glasses come with the capacity to take photos and video and share this information online all from the headset – and this is why the glasses were banned in places (even before their release!) due to serious privacy and security concerns. Google Glasses don’t look exactly like prescription glasses yet so it’s possible to identify someone who has this capability, however some competitors are trying to make this concept work with glasses indistinguishable from regular ones. So if this technology became more widely available, would it make you more wary of people wearing glasses or sunglasses?

Personally, I think it’d make me very nervous and think twice about everything I said. I really don’t want to be recorded without knowing about it, and I want to be able to talk to people comfortably without wondering if this conversation is private. But what are your thoughts?