Last week we were told to blog and draw pictures about project ideas for Global Networks and what we learnt from talking to others in the class about their ideas. Since I learned that my assignment wasn’t submitted properly for that class, I didn’t get to talk to anyone in my panic to fix it. So, here are my terrible drawings and ramblings which I didn’t get to share.

I have no idea what I’m going to do, but I have two general topic areas. The first is finding something to do which would help International and Exchange Students at university somehow. As a former exchange student in Calgary, Canada and who volunteers time at the Office for Student Global Mobility, I’m really interested in making sure students make the most of their time in Wollongong as I made the most of my time in Calgary. I was unfortunately unable to attend the information evening for this semester so am unsure as to what the protocol is in Wollongong for incoming students. From what was in the invitation content, it seemed to comprise of some addresses by important people and entertainment.

Someone mentioned via this classes’ Reddit about making something to illustrate all the things to do in Wollongong on a weekly and monthly basis, such as specials, events, cheap eats and free stuff. This sounded like a really great idea, and so I did a mind map about that (I never do mind maps ever but I needed something visual so sorry for the messiness and bad quality):


Since I’m actually not from Wollongong and know very little about the city, I think it would be very helpful to be able to direct students to something more comprehensive on the subject made by students in the area. I almost always have to Google students’ questions and this usually brings up tourism results and not ones to help students. I really want to help, but I do struggle.


(Oh yes, a dodgy sketch is a perfect excuse to break out the Wacom tablet!)

The other area was looking at an area of entertainment, video games. I keep coming back to this as it is an area of interest to me and something I’d enjoy doing a project on. Honestly though, I think working with International and Exchange Students would be much more useful on the whole and something I’d also enjoy doing a project on; but I did a mind map for it anyway. This area is quite tricky as everything seems like it’s been done before.


So there we go. End of my rambling!