New communications such as the internet, mobile phones, and personal computers have given us many new abilities; one of which is the power to take work wherever we are. No longer bound by an office, we can now do work from home – and in fact there are an estimated one million people operating businesses entirely from home.

As Ted stated, information never stops flowing and can’t be switched off unlike the machines in jobs such as manufacturing. This means the 9 to 5 workday increasingly seems like a thing of the past, and even if people are only at the office for that long there always seems to be work which can be done at home. Melissa Gregg’s article about ‘Function Creep’ studying the email-checking habits of different workers in the information sector demonstrates this reality of constantly working, and the feeling of guilt and stress about not working. This week I’d like to try out doing a Soundcloud to share some of my personal observations about technology’s effect on the work-life balance.

Note: When I said ‘entering the workforce’ I meant ‘entering the workforce full-time’, likely in the information sector which Gregg was referring to in her article.

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Gregg, M 2009, ‘Function Creep: Communication Technologies and Anticipatory Labour in the Information Workplace’,