Unfortunately this week I was quite sick, so my input on the project for this week’s class has been quite limited. From what I was present for, we were told to experiment a little more with our design to see other possibilities and look at it differently; as we came to our design solution fairly quickly and haven’t made any major alterations in quite some time. We experimented with adding darker boxes to sections and adding lines between parts of text, though I am not entirely positive on the outcome at this time, we liked the idea of the lines between text to break it up so that there isn’t so much white space.

What we wanted to achieve by the end of this week was to have our style guide completed. We were working on giving it a consistent visual style and format, and each page will be A4 landscape and spiral bound at this stage. Again, I haven’t been able to see the progress we made and haven’t heard back from my group members to make any major comments on what was done. What we had before I became ill was a basic layout with two columns full of diagrams relating to each heading, and then accompanying text in a section above each column like this (I don’t have the actual file at the time, so this is just to show the rough idea of each page):


We also altered the site’s text and it just needs to be put into the design, though we’re still not sure what to do with the pricing guide as found under services: It seems like important information to disclose, but it is a very large amount of text for a design that’s better suited to small amounts of text. We may have to utilise drop-down menus or something similar to minimise it.

This week the advice we received on making changes to the design to see it differently was probably the most significant thing that happened, as it got us to see the design differently and question the changes we’ve made but also showed us how many positive changes we’ve made.