Since we changed the logo for our chosen company, we’ve had to make a style guide for it. So far we’re putting the following information in the style guide: how to show the logo stacked and in line, the minimum possible size and required white space ratio, colour schemes, incorrect usage, the fonts we used and recommended fonts.

The stacked logo looks like this:


For the colours, we’re sticking with the two shades of orange, black, white and grey that are on our web pages. For fonts we have Edmonsans (which is our logotype and body text) and Verdana (footer / privacy / disclaimer text) and we’re also recommending Futura if an additional font is required.

We’ve been doing a bit more work on how our design will be presented in the final submission this week. Getting the design to display at 1024 x 768 pixels has been a little tricky but we’ve finally figured it out now and have re-sized the design accordingly so it is now slightly larger in width like a computer monitor. This took a lot of testing and has really helped us to see what the site would really look like on a computer screen.

We’ve also decided not to use Lorem Ipsum for final submission as it doesn’t give an accurate display of how proper text will look on the site, so we’re in the process of cutting down the website’s text to make it suit the new layout we’ve designed. Since our submission date has been moved back due to the large amount of elements we have to submit, we will have time to do this.

Another consideration that we are working with is that in the final submission we will have to provide examples of before and after images of the website and explain the changes we have made, and looking at the two sites next to each other has shown us how much we have done not only in terms of design but in functionality; and has helped us to explain more about what we have done.