This week we put together the basic layout for all our pages. This is a sample of the ‘About us’ page at the moment (with Lorem Ipsum until we refine the site’s current description – or we may just leave the placeholder text for submission):


The other pages all follow pretty much the same format, with the text in two columns and navigation to the left etc. The only exceptions are that we currently have a homepage before entering the proper site which has no navigation bar (which looks cool but I’m not sure people would like having to load an extra page to enter the site) and for the privacy policy/disclaimer we’re currently using a light box with a faded background. One group member also added social media buttons to modernise the site a bit more in the bottom left corner.

In terms of sub menus, we tried to do something similar to the website ‘Creative Spark’ which we did a project on earlier this year. We took the idea of their drop-down menus and modified them, then placed them on the ‘services’ pages like this (note that the colours have been flipped around between the navigation bar and header to distinguish the pages a little):


When the arrow which represents the desired service is clicked on, the information about the service is displayed on the right (where the Lorem Ipsum is). On ‘Creative Spark’, the drop-down menus are all in one line and the information appears below the drop down boxes.

This week we had a lot of trouble getting our site images to conform to the production specifications as set out in our brief. The work has to have a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, and even when we think we’ve selected this resolution our work keeps printing out far too large. We’ll have to do a lot more printing, researching and testing to make sure we have the correct screen resolution and size; but all our resizing and printing helped us to identify that we’ve been doing something wrong in the making process, and has reminded us to pay particular attention to the production requirements in the future.