This week we chose a website for redesign purposes for our next project. We settled on ‘Atomic Design Studio’, an Australian based graphic design studio specialising in web design. Despite this area of specialisation, the website itself could be greatly improved.

This is a screen capture of the first page (


We started by creating a site map of the original structure. Interestingly, the site map that was provided by Atomic was incorrect to the actual structure. We think that some of the sections in the structure can be merged to simplify the site, for example we don’t think it’s necessary to split up ‘primary services’ and ‘secondary services’, and think they should just be merged into one ‘services’ page.

We then made a list of things the site did well and things that need improving. For example, we think the site needs to simplify its type as the typeface changes multiple times within the body text, and the correct site map as discussed above isn’t too bad but we want to make a couple of small alterations. The style of the pages are all very similar, which links them but it’s also difficult to differentiate between them. We also believe the site could use a re-branding and new logo, and I did some sketches of different potential logos based on researching the word ‘Atomic’ for insight into what the name was referencing. We hope that elements of the new logo might help shape the design of the new website (ignore my commentary):


At the moment we’re thinking about developing one of the first two designs in the top-left corner but we’re still working on it.

So far this is all preliminary work and next week we are to have drafts of potential website designs to present to the class which we will develop during the coming week. The biggest thing we did this week was our combined critical analysis of the website and our exploration of every aspect of it in order to problem-solve all the ways we could improve it. We think that having a very thorough understanding of this site will make it easier for us to redesign it.