This week we finished the project for submission, and made quite a few changes.

Firstly, we have abandoned the rib shape idea, as it was distorting the data and for some data sets (e.g. Northern Territory waste/recycling) the smaller numbers were becoming very difficult to see in the pointed shapes as they were so tiny. We also added another rib into the fish for the national data instead of putting it in the tail, as the tail distorts the data. The very long national rib made a lot of extra white space, and we decided to flip the design back into a vertical format to manage it. Modifying the orientation of the design I think improved the appearance and readability of the data and was an important decision in the effect of the final product.

We also changed the colour scheme to make it stand out more, by making it darker and more vibrant to grab more attention; and we modified the title text though the message is still the same (‘There’s nothing fishy about recycling’).

This is what we ended up with, the title text and personal details have been omitted (I had to omit the title as my copy of the file won’t read it properly unfortunately) but this is the graphic and key:


The title was placed in the top left corner.

Generally our design was very well-received in the class discussion, and was said to be the easiest to read. Some did raise concerns that perhaps the graph was too simplistic, but it was successful in its clarity of showing the information and we were very pleased with our result. The title text also wasn’t resolved enough, though I can’t show it at the moment.

Next week we begin the next project on re-designing a website.