This week we started cleaning up our drawings to make the design look a bit more professional. We also converted our graphs of the information from Excel into the design, like this (population is the top, waste/recycling is the bottom):


For the national average, we initially tried putting lines through the design but it broke up the ribs and looked very out-of-place. We also tried to add an extra rib, but this looked even stranger. We then experimented by putting the average in the tail instead which we think looks a lot better than the lines. We didn’t put the national population in the top of the tail initially because the combination of the other populations shows the national population anyway, and the tail would look way too big and strange if we kept it with the scale.

We had a bit of trouble finding a suitable shape for the bones, as the smaller data sets (e.g. the smaller populations) tend to disappear with thinner bone shapes. However, one of our group members did some more work on this shape and came up with this, which doesn’t make smaller data sets look too bad (the waste/recycling bones are not to scale):


She put the national population in the top part of the tail, but we’re not sure if the scale of the fin is appropriate for population yet.

For the title, we started mucking around with fish puns to match the design with the subject matter a little more since we’re finding it hard to keep a ‘trash’ background to link the fish to the subject matter. This is because some of the data sets are so small that the fish really needs to take up a lot of space so that they are visible. This was more apparent when we printed our work to scale, which gave us a greater indication of the scale we were working with.