At this stage, it looks like the biggest issue is getting the scale for the graphs correct. We’re still having trouble managing population and waste per capita, but are thinking it may be remedied by simple foregoing the waste per capita bar because the disposal/recycling bar is roughly equal to waste per capita anyway. We would just write the totals for waste per capita underneath the disposal/recycling bar.

I made a very rough draft of a basic fish outline and sample background using a Wacom tablet, as shown:


The other group members are yet to incorporate their work onto this, but when we re-group we hope to have all of our basic ideas onto one document to clean it up.

The fish outline seems to be okay, the only issue we are having is whether the rib bones should be curved or straight. Stylistically, the curved probably looks better; however I feel the straight ones give a more accurate reading; especially after speaking with my friend who studies science and is very concerned with the data being as accurate as possible. We will have to prototype both. I also feel that thinner bones look better with the fish.

As stated, the scale of the graphs is proving to be the only major issue in this project so far. We need to figure out a good ratio for the graph so that the data is clear but doesn’t take up too much space. When measuring up potential ratios we ran into problems with the graphs being far too big for the piece of paper (A1). Doing this has helped us to further problem-solve the scale of what we are actually trying to achieve.

In regards to the national average, there is the idea that this information goes down the bottom. If it goes in the fish head we feel it may skew the data, and also makes the tail look out of place as it is being unused while the head is being used. It could also go as a bar to the side, integrated with some sort of background – at the moment I have a light ‘trash’ background to reference more clearly the fact that this graphic is about waste and recycling, as displayed in the image above. I could somehow add an extra bar to this, perhaps with a straw or piece of plastic cutlery. I will have to see what the data looks like when it’s completed before we work on that detail.