We finished off our previous project on website analysis and are now completely focused on data visualisation. We didn’t have a great deal of time this week due to the website analysis but continued to sketch alternatives to graphing our data while using the fish bone and trying to make more sense of the graphs.

We’re splitting this project up between us based on our skills so far: one group member is good at maths and understands the data a lot better than the rest of us, and has foreseen lots of issues in the way we have been trying to graph information. I have been doing drawing and sketching which has also revealed minor design flaws in terms of the way we have interpreted the chart and how the elements of the graph will work together on the fish bone. The other member is putting together a lot of research and is finding other pieces of data visualisation for us as reference, which has helped us gain ideas on composition.

A few ideas have come to our attention through the combination of these three areas –

– We’re having problems graphing population against per capita disposal, as the population statistics are very high while waste per capita is very small and does not show up on the graphs we’re making. The disposal and recycling graph however looks really good and is very easily visible as shown.

– The national statistics are far bigger than our other statistics in terms of population. This is making the state populations even more difficult to see and per capita numbers are invisible. We are seeing if maybe we can cut this statistic out of the fish bones and put it somewhere else such as the fish head, where the thickness of the head could substitute for the length of the bones.

– We could try and place the fish vertically, as we had always assumed it would be horizontal. Over the weekend I will try to obtain a Wacom tablet and will make various potential designs in various formats, taking the vertical format into account. Obviously, the fish will have to be completely straight in either format to make sure the results line up with each other so the viewer gets an accurate reading of the information.

– I am personally a little worried about people not understanding the fish concept, so am trying to integrate a light background displaying other pieces of trash or a similar effect. I am not sure if this will be used, but I want to explore the possibilities.

All-in-all, the idea we have so far looks something like this (obviously this is a very rough and badly drawn approximation on Paint, we will refine it when I have the proper tools):


As demonstrated above we have learnt how effective the collaboration process can be, as we have been using all our different skill sets for the same purpose and have done a great deal of problem solving.