This week I have been asked to get into a group of three and decide on a designer or design studio website for research and analysis. We began searching the web for potential websites to analyse, such as the one for ‘Studio Airport’ (


and ‘Unfold’ (


I first tried to analyse how each website I found had incorporated the four key elements of a website into their design (as summarised from ‘Web Style Guide’ by Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton):

– A header (includes things like site navigation and site logo).

– Scan columns (may contain advertising).

– Content area (contains main text, for example a news article).

– Footer (contains things like dates, contact information and site information).

In my research this week I found that many designer sites such as the examples above stuck less rigidly to the ‘normal’ structure of these elements (header at the top, scan columns to the sides, content in the middle and footer at the bottom). For example, neither of the websites shown above have scan columns as far as I can see, and this doesn’t seem to impact on their functionality. It seems like scan columns are of lesser importance in web design, though I will have to do more research. This exercise is showing me the importance of analysis in better understanding the research topic.