The past three projects are now due so these were my conclusions.

My logo and icons for ‘B Line’ and my logo for ‘Ink Well’ stayed the same for submission, but I changed the icons for ‘Ink Well’ again. I decided to make them all different shades of blue, as I associate blue with royalty just like red – the colour I used for the logo. I kept the gold strip from the logo as shown (Implement stage):


The idea is that when a mouse hovers over an icon, the whole name of the genre would appear.

The logo, van design, T-shirt design and website design all stayed the same for ‘Sydney Multicultural Community Services’. As I haven’t shown it before on here, this is my website design (Implement stage):


Lastly for the style guide, I kept the website banner as a decoration for the page numbers down the bottom of each page. I had multiple problems when assembling my style guide in relation to images like the banner. Firstly, for some reason all of my images became distorted when I imported them from Illustrator to InDesign. To combat this, I learnt to put each image onto its own Illustrator document and then ‘Save for Web’ > ‘.JPEG’. Then I used the ‘Place’ function to put these images onto my design and this fixed the distortion, which is helpful to keep in mind for future InDesign projects (Learn stage).

Furthermore, even after multiple test prints I couldn’t get the banners to entirely line up between pages and one banner wasn’t completely straight. I’m still unsure as to why this kept happening as it doesn’t happen in my InDesign document or show up on the PDF file. The printer was having some difficulties however so it may have been a printer issue, but these things didn’t impact on the readability of the booklet or ruin the aesthetics too much so I decided to leave them. All of this showed me the importance of test printing, as even though the booklet did not turn out as perfectly as I had hoped it took a lot of work and testing to get it to look as it does (Learn stage).