I took my banner from last week and put it in a website design, using the same information written on the organisation’s original (Prototype stage). I also put it as a decorative piece at the bottom of each page in my style guide (Prototype stage).

I also made more colour versions of my t-shirt in black and red, as well as a full-colour one in white as shown (Prototype stage):


I also completed a design for a van for possible use by the elderly within the program who need to be transported places, as shown (Prototype stage):


I moved onto a style guide for the logo, which I am making into an A4-sized booklet which will probably be saddle-stitched to minimise the binding interfering with the design of the booklet. All of the font is in Myriad Pro, the same as the logo.

This week I learnt a couple of methods to import images into InDesign, the program which I have been using to make my style guide. For some images I was able to copy and paste into the program, but I also learnt to use File > Place for images which I’d converted into a JPEG format (Learn stage). This will help when I need to use InDesign again (Learn stage).

A critical incident this week was getting the okay on all my collateral, meaning I was able to start on my style guide with some confidence. I will finish the last three projects hopefully by the end of next week for marking.