It was suggested that my previous logo was too ‘churchy’, so I changed it to make all of it within the ‘Myriad Pro’ family. Everything is ‘Regular’ with the exception of the word ‘Multicultural’, which is ‘Semibold Italic’. I made a vertical and horizontal design for the client to use as needed (Implement stage):


The advice on the typeface was useful as it will help me with my style guide and collateral. I can keep within the large Myriad Pro family when I need to type things for the organisation. It is also a good suggestion as this type layout reduces down to a smaller size than my previous logo while retaining readability (Learn stage).

I then worked on more collateral and made a banner which could possibly be used for a website or the bottom of my style guide that I need to do to go with my logo (Prototype stage):


If I used it for my style guide I could split the design over two panels, one for each page, so that the text was on one page and the bird on the other. The page number could possibly sit on the inside of the page in the empty space, or possibly underneath or above the banner.

I then looked at T-shirts and made a possible male or unisex shirt using the blue and white from my banner, though I think I could make versions using the red and black too. I made the bird wrap around the side as shown (Prototype stage):


I needed to draw these shirts with the pen tool, so I learnt how to properly use it. Before I had a tendancy to zoom in very closely when drawing a shape with it in order to try and make the edges as smooth as possible, but I learnt that if you hold the mouse down you can create round edges (Learn stage).