Before continuing with my new project, I got some ideas on my old project to take into account. Firstly, due to my logo’s style on ‘Ink Well’ it would be better suited to being a publisher for romance and drama; so I need to re-think my genre icons and learned to make sure my icon style reflects the style of the business, which could help for future projects (Learn stage). Secondly, for ‘B Line’ I need to make my icons less centered to make use of white space and re-think the logo and how it interacts with the type.

I want to take next week to focus purely on those logos, but back to the current organisation I started by looking at different fonts which could project certain ideas about the business such as a sense of tradition, safety and togetherness (Ideate stage):


‘Vijaya’ is a font intended for use in the ‘Tamil’ language, referencing culture (Research stage), and ‘Lucinda Handwriting Italic’ connects the letters in the word to reference the definition. I decided to continue experimenting with ‘Arial’ however, as it is simple and because the organisation’s name is long and I think a more complex font may make it a bit hard to decipher (Select stage). This process of choosing fonts was a useful approach because it gives me a wide range of fonts and new ideas about the organisation’s identity (Learn stage).

I would like to keep the organisation abbreviated to ‘Sydney MCS’ with the full name underneath, which can be removed where the logo needs to be very small like this (Prototype stage):


This is however extremely plain and I will need to make it more interesting somehow. Due to its plainness, I drafted a more detailed bird logo to go with it:


I can see it being incorporated into collateral such as T-shirts but it needs a bit more work, and I’m not 100% happy with where I would place it with the logotype though I have been playing around with the idea of resting it to the right and using the type like a branch (Ideate stage).