This week I got a new project for a different company so began working on it, despite my other designs not being fully to my liking – I will have to come back to them later. I have decided to work on a new logo and useful collateral for ‘Sydney Multicultural Community Services’ (Define stage), which is a non-for-profit organisation helping people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in the Sydney area (Research stage). As a group we mind mapped possible things that the organisation may need and ideas that their logo could convey, such as a sense of belonging, safety and culture (Ideate stage). I learnt from this about the importance of working with others, as the group came up with many more possible ideas that I did not think of on my own (Learn stage). This may help in a studio setting in the future where I can extend my idea pool through asking others in the studio (Learn stage). I then made a competitive set using logos from different non-for-profit organisations with a multicultural focus such as these (Research stage):


I like the referencing to flags in the ‘Connecting Cultures’ logo as it conveys a nice sense of culture, as well as the use of complementary colours in the ‘Macs’ logo because though they are very different like cultures they go well together. I made a few rough sketches using these ideas as well as experimenting with the use of roads, suns and birds and am currently leaning towards using a bird idea as they migrate free of cultural borders but I haven’t found a design I’d like to develop further yet (Ideate stage).

I had some problems trying to find logos for my competitive set as there don’t appear to be many organisations like mine online, and I had to widen my search to incorporate other types of multicultural businesses in order to make a sizable set. This was significant in showing me to look at other aspects of the organisation to find a greater selection of logos relevant to the organisation (Learn stage).