This week I continued to work on ‘Ink Well’, but started to focus on the four mini icons for the company. I decided to make icons in relation to book genres for possible use on a website, as I have seen websites by publishing houses which feature examples of published books, and I believe sorting these examples by genres could be useful (Define stage).

I decided to keep with the calligraphic theme instead of making pictures, as I don’t believe that pictures will fit in with the design. I began by making little icons for lots of different genres such as these (Prototype stage):


I then experimented with making longer logos which were more like signs than little icons, but decided against using any of them because they seemed better suited to a bookstore and I thought that wouldn’t be useful for a publishing house. For example (Prototype stage):


I made many experiments with the placement of the word and the calligraphic letter inside the rectangle for lots of different book genres, but in the end decided that I liked the word placement to stay down the bottom of the icon as I originally had it. I did a bit more editing with the placement of the calligraphic letter and for my final four icons I ended up keeping ‘Suspense’, ‘Fantasy’, ‘Drama’ and ‘Action’ as my genres (Select stage):


One incident I had this week related to checking my final designs more thoroughly, as when I went to print out one of my logos I didn’t realise until after I’d printed it that I had accidentally taken a chunk out of it (Learn stage). Thankfully it was only for my journal work but had it have been for a proper job it may have been disastrous, particularly if I’d have needed multiple copies, so this was significant in showing me to be more careful (Learn stage). This would also apply to formal projects in the future to help avoid potentially costly mistakes (Learn stage).

As for my former problem with the ‘Ink Well’ logo and whether to separate the two words or not, I’ve decided that by having the two words on the same line the ‘W’ isn’t necessary in the icon. I’ve also pin-pointed why I dislike it as one word – I have a tendency to read it more like ‘In Kwell’, so the division helps me to read it how it is supposed to be read.