I began making more sketches, looking more at ‘Ink Well’ this time (Ideate stage). I’m thinking of making a logo which incorporates typographic letters, and maybe replacing the ‘I’ in the original logo with a new one that’ll work as a separate icon (although I think the original ‘I’ could work on its own, I’d like to challenge myself and change it). I looked at other companies named ‘Ink Well’ to see what logos they had and most of them used quills and other historic references (Research stage).

I tried to see if I could reference the future as well as the past in my logo so I added little rectangles like keys on a computer keyboard as an experiment to replace the rectangle under the ‘I’, like these (Prototype stage):


However, I am doubtful that these icons would work as symbols on their own as I think they are far too simplistic and could be anything. I looked into making icons using parts of the ‘I’ but I think a logo with type would be better, however I am not past the sketch stage on this idea.

I made little icons for ‘B Line’ (Prototype stage) and I like the basic idea of them being diagrammatic but I think they need a bit more editing to look professional:


For the logo I looked at some arrow designs (Research stage) and might look into changing the shape of the arrow into a train shape or re-working the design to better incorporate my striped arrow.

One problem I had was losing parts of my logos as I had a messy work space, particularly while working with white shapes on white backgrounds. This prompted me to organise my page better to make sure I didn’t lose anything, which makes things a lot easier (Learn stage). I also learnt to use coloured backgrounds when removing parts of logos to make sure that I had made logos transparent so they could work on non-white backgrounds properly, which is useful for the future to make sure that a logo can work in multiple colour scenarios to avoid problems in that area (Learn stage).