Making pictograms and icons for ‘B Line’ and ‘Ink Well’ started with coming up with possible icons that each company might need for their businesses (Define stage). I then started sketching some possible icon designs while trying to tie them to their logotype designs so they would integrate as one identity (Ideate stage). I decided to begin with ‘B Line’ as I did last time, as I have a more solid idea of what I think their logos should look like. I looked up some logos of other rail companies (Research stage) and noticed that while some logos were diagrammatic of the business, many were aspirational and told nothing of the business’ function such as these:


I decided not to depict the business’ function and instead played around with using the arrows in the logotype and stripes to continue to reference bees, and came up with some designs such as these (Prototype stage):


I prefer the one without the border and wish to develop it more; maybe seeing what it looks like if it replaces one of the arrows in my ‘B Line’ logotype (Select stage).

A problem that I had related to not saving some of the steps I took while making my prototypes, meaning that I was unable to go back and edit the old design and had to re-create my steps which was time consuming. I learnt that I need to save my steps more regularly which could be useful in future projects where I may have little time to re-create what I’ve done, and it was also significant in teaching me to keep track of my process more thoroughly (Learn stage).