I made some prototype designs based off my sketches in Illustrator (Prototype stage), with more of a focus on ‘B Line’ because I know what I want to do with it more than I know what to do with ‘Ink Well’. I used the font ‘Franklin Gothic Medium’ due to its boldness and ease of readability. Most of them used the arrow theme as I believe it is a strong concept, including these three prototypes which I liked the best (Select stage):


The middle design was to see which direction the arrows looked better in, but I settled on pointing them towards the right as it looks like they are going more forward this way. I really like how the ‘E’ looks with the arrow in it and wish to develop it further, though I am unsure as to the final placement of the other arrows.

The top design caused me a bit of trouble, as I tried to add colour to it (yellow to reference the concept of a ‘bee line’) to see if it looked better and it did; however I was told that this is a bad habit and that the logo should always work in black and white before adding colour. I am now going to make sure my design works in black and white before trying colour out (Learn stage).


For ‘Ink Well’ I mostly played around with kerning and letter placement, but have not found any solution that I am particularly fond of. I did however learn how to change the kerning and how it can improve the look of the word, which may help future projects particularly if I have to work with a less thought out typeface (Learn stage). I’m thinking of using the font ‘Pristina’, as it gives the logo a calligraphic feel; particularly in the first letters of the words.