I began with company selection, and tried to pick two companies that would need vastly different logotype designs. I settled on ‘B Line’ and ‘Ink Well’, a high speed rail company and a publishing house (Define stage). I made some initial drawings as to what direction I felt the logo would need to go in (Ideate stage) before making some competitive sets of potential rival companies and doing font research for fonts that I thought would fit with the types of logos I wanted (Research stage). From my competitive sets I was particularly interested in the design of the logo for ‘Rail Europe’ as inspiration for  ‘B Line’ and both ‘PHE Ink’ and ‘Steel Pen Publishing’ as inspiration for ‘Ink Well’.

BLOG Competitive Set

I like the idea of using arrows for the high speed rail company as on train tickets I remember there being three arrows, and I like the idea of the quill being incorporated into the publishing house design (though I am worried it might be a bit cliché) and how the ‘Steel Pen’ logo has been designed to meld the first two letters of the words together in an image. I didn’t get far past the rough sketch stage and only made a couple of experimental logos from my sketch that I didn’t fully develop, where I played around with changing edges on letter forms to make images. I had an incident when trying to draw extra shapes to my logo instead of using shapes within the typeface, which would have fit the design better and has given me more ideas as to ways I could use the typeface to create images (Learn stage).

I learnt about the importance of making a competitive set and doing research into competition, to see what common approaches have been done before and what I can design that fits the theme but also stands out from the competition (Learn stage).